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Gig4u is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers and project managers in the world.

About us

About Gig4u

“A gig economy that offers an online platform for highly skilled freelancers to serve businesses.”

Gig4u is India’s first one-of-a-kind freelance marketplace. It provides a platform for businesses, employers and freelancers to work hand-in-hand and accomplish their mutual goals. Its Purpose is to make it effortless to take care of all your business needs, no matter where you are.

Customers can post projects on Gig4u, and Service providers (aka freelancers) with their relevant and necessary skills can bid to work on them. A broad list of standard expertise, such as a freelance programmer, web developers, marketer, and so on, are readily accessible on Gig4u.

On our site, we have a great number of passionate freelancers from all around Country who are qualified to provide you with on-demand services.

About Gig4u
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our purpose is to generate economic opportunities for both freelancers and employers, with the goal of gradually increasing the level of our country’s economy. As a solution, we created “Gig4u,” an exclusive gig marketplace where employers and freelancers can collaborate and achieve their goals. This platform is free and available to all types of businesses and freelancers.

Our Team

  • Prashant Pachisia
    Prashant Pachisia

    Mentor, gig4u

    Mr. Prashant has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience. His passion is to help startups grow into successful enterprises by leveraging his knowledge and leadership abilities. Mr. Prashant's experienced advice as a mentor has aided us in shaping our core values and strategic thinking at Gig4U.

    His advice has been invaluable as we have evolved from the ground up to become what Gig4u is today. We are extremely privileged to have a mentor that values growth and believes that "do everything in your business with the idea that each action will loop back to support your objectives.

    "He is also the founder and CEO of 2COMS/Edujobs Academy and Care Netrum. 2COMS Consulting Private Ltd. commenced operations as a recruiting and staffing solutions company in 1999, and has since placed over 12000 candidates in top IT and ITES companies. Care Netram is a remarkable startup that aims to make primary eyecare accessible and affordable to low-income countries by selling glasses for as little as $1.

  • Pramod Pachisia
    Pramod Pachisia

    Founder & CEO

    Mr. Pramod is the founder of Gig4U and an exceptional individual. He is a captivating man, a remarkable founder, and a wonderful mentor. He built Gig4u from the bottom up and guided the team in terms of work culture, skills, and resources.

    He emphasized the value of failure and using it to do better the next time, whether it means pivoting or simply changing one feature in the app.He is confident that the thriving gig economy can provide opportunities for both freelancers and businesses. So, to fill the void, he discovered "Gig4U," a platform of opportunities.

    As a founder, he is extremely confident in his vision and his workforce. He also ensures that operations are in line with his vision. Aside from that, he is the COO of 2COMS and Care Netram.

  • Aman Gupta
    Aman Gupta

    Zoho Developer
    & Founding Member
    Mr. Aman, a reliable full-time freelancer at Gig4u and a competent Zoho developer with 4 years of experience. He is a wonderful self-motivated individual with strong ethics. He believes in the saying, "Don't just value compliments; criticism is vital for progress and creating strength."

    Following that, owing to his skill and sincere personality, he has been a part of Gig4u since its establishment and is still in charge of the Gig4u platform development. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his loving family, read books on new technologies, and listen to music.

  • Moondilu Karap
    Moondilu Karap

    Content Writer
    & Founding Member

    Among the most important tasks in every company is content creation. Because it is the first thing your customers see, it may make or break a company. Miss. Moondilu has been working as a freelance content writer for more than two years now and is very well versed in her job description.

    She is now a full-time content writer for Gig4u, where she is in charge of all marketing and blog content. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books and watching informative videos to improve her literary skills. She is constantly striving to improve herself as an individual and as a writer.

  • Vanama Tarun
    Vanama Tarun

    Zoho Developer
    & Founding Member
    Mr. Tarun is an experienced and qualified professional freelancer with three years of experience in the Zoho software platform. He works as a freelancer for Gig4u right now. His responsibilities at Gig4u include overseeing all automation development at the company, as well as managing campaigns and ensuring that they achieve the intended results. His knowledge is valuable to our staff and Gig4u.

    His knowledge and skills are essential to our team and Gig4u. Aside from that, Mr. Tarun is a vibrant man who enjoys playing badminton and uses his leisure time to remain informed and hone his skills.

  • Md saquib Anjum
    Md saquib Anjum

    Lead Customer Acquisition
    & Founding Member
    Mr. Saquib is an expert in all elements of lead generation. He puts his skills to good use by driving qualified traffic and generating quality leads. He firmly believes that "there is no greater e-commerce lead generation tool than word of mouth."

    He is a resourceful individual with good communication skills and a warm personality. His ability to listen to and comprehend the demands of consumers aids in the development of positive relationships with them.

    While lead generation is an important ability for any type of organization, we're delighted to have Mr. Saquib on board.

  • Ritu Gupta
    Ritu Gupta

    HTML Designer
    & Founding Member
    Mrs. Ritu is a superwoman who manages her family and freelance work at the same time. She is a seasoned HTML designer with three years of expertise. She is talented at design and is devoted to her profession. She is currently employed as a full-time freelancer at Gig4u, where she is in charge of creating designs from scratch as well as optimizing existing designs. Her expertise contributes to the growth of Gig4u and our workforce.

    Aside from that, she's an excellent individual with a warm personality who appreciates input without being judgmental. Working with her is a joy because of her cheerful attitude toward every task. She firmly believes that "feedbacks are the schoolbooks from which we learn." And her eye for design is impeccable.

  • Dipanjan Mitra
    Dipanjan Mitra

    Lead Service Provider Acquisition
    & founding Member
    Our Gig4u platform includes both freelancers and companies. Businesses seeking for the ideal freelancer online to help them achieve their goals. And this is where Mr. Dipanjan comes in, a passionate and enthusiastic man who loves to make a difference. He strives for perfection and is a firm believer in seamless service delivery, which makes him one of the most competent employees.

    To ensure that all clients are delighted with Gig4U's service. He guarantees that all service providers who sign up with Gig4U are professional and reliable. He is in charge of identifying, acquiring, and verifying service providers at Gig4u.