Gig Economy - A Better Career Prospect to never-give-up Women

With the fast-paced lifestyle that most people are currently leading, and the tough financial situation in which most are in, getting a career has become harder and harder for women.

This blog will talk about how women can find great jobs and how the gig economy is helping women change their lives for the better!

“The concept of work-life balance is changing.”

Gig4u is an economy with more opportunities for women!

There's no doubt in anybody's mind that a woman's place is in the home. However, an increasing number of women want to challenge this antiquated idea and are instead seeking gainful employment so they can contribute to their household incomes.

“Working women still have to work really hard. 

Even in the face of tough odds, women's power is invincible! “

The problem women face in this era.

Nowadays, modern women face various problems in their career paths. Periods of work in temporary agencies become a real curse. In addition to the constant fear to lose workplace and search for the new one, women are faced with many problems caused by prejudice and stereotypes.

The job market and societal realities for women!

Women are faced with a harsh reality when it comes to the job market — many are not qualified for the jobs available to them and have few choices in the kind of career path they would like to pursue. 

In fact, the International Labor Organization reports that women constitute the majority of those who work in agricultural and domestic work. 

“It is not enough to improve women's employment by changing policies, 

we must radically change the labor market and the workplace. 

A new way of approaching work is needed.”

There are many reasons women don't have better-paying jobs or better-paying careers. Chief among those reasons? They don't always have the opportunity to do what they are capable of doing. 

Other factors:

  • Women are unfairly penalized for taking time off work to have and raise children.
  • Women are paid less by the sheer fact that they’re expected to do more work for less pay.
  • Women are generally less assertive and more anxious than men. They are less likely to negotiate a higher salary or a promotion.
  • Women are more likely to be part-time workers.
  • Fewer opportunities to have job experience.
  • Women are three times more likely to be victims of stalking or cyberstalking.
  • Women are the victims of widespread sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.
  • Women lack the same education and career opportunities as men.
  • Discrimination faced by women when applying for jobs. 
  • Women are not encouraged to pursue their passions but are encouraged to get a husband.
  • Women are not encouraged to follow their dreams but instead are told to follow their husbands.
  • Women are told that they need a man to support them.

There are numerous such factors → reality of the world that makes it hard for women to come up and raise their voices. 

The gender pay gap?

Gender inequality starts at a young age.

Even in the so-called developed countries, women are facing gender inequality that is forcing them to be at the receiving end of society. Gender should not be a deciding factor when it comes to career success, which is why we need to break the stereotypes and make a change. 

What is the solution to the problems?

“Women should be trained and prepared to enter the workforce with 

more skills than prejudice and discrimination against them as an obstacle.”

The solution: Gig economy - A way out.

So, how can we make women feel empowered? It seems that the gig economy can be the solution. The gig economy is disrupting the traditional way of doing things in a way nobody thought is possible.

With the rise of the gig economy, globally, many women are jumping into entrepreneurship “the gig economy” and earning a living without leaving their homes.

How Gig economy and Gig4U can benefit women?

Well, Gig4U - is a gig economy marketplace that is bridging the gap between the gig economy and the businesses. It’s an ecosystem that lets people work from home, outside their traditional jobs. It’s a great opportunity for women who want to work from home. 

“Women are no longer only housewives or traditional workers. 

They can also create their career by themselves and work from home 

or anywhere else that they want.”


  • Women can work whenever they want and from wherever they want.
  • It provides women with the opportunity to become freelancers. (An opportunity to earn more through flexible working opportunities)


  • It is providing women with a way to gain self-confidence and financial independence.
  • Women now have the power to choose how they want to live their lives and shape their career paths.


  • Women earn an extra income, or even a second income, by working as freelancers.
  • Women can work from home and earn extra income while taking care of their families.


  • Women are independent and free from the confines of a traditional 9-5 job.
  • Women are constantly empowering themselves with the skills and knowledge to pursue work opportunities and make money.


  • Gig4U provides a platform for everyone including Indian women to monetize their specific talents, skills, and resources.
  • No gender bias.

“Women who are empowered grow happy homes. 

Happy homes are the key to the success of the nation.”

How can women be empowered?

When we talk about women's empowerment, we are often referring to changing laws, fighting for women's rights, and raising awareness about women's issues. Unfortunately, this is not enough. 

We have seen that almost every woman in the world is facing some kind of discrimination. In India, many women are fighting for their rights in the workplace. Worldwide, women are often paid less than men for the same work. 

These problems are a result of our culture, and they can’t be solved with laws. Changes must start in our minds. 

  • Encourage women around you to work on their own personal development.
  • Encourage them to start learning new skills.
  • Encourage women to speak up for their rights.
  • Encourage women to do what they’re truly interested in.

Final words!

Women are more than ever on the move. 

No longer, stay-at-home moms, these women want to be recognized for their abilities and trained to take their future into their own hands. 

I want women to be hard-working, never going down, and always moving forward; I want women to be active in learning and striving for better career prospects. 

“Become independent and live the life you love.”

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