How Gig4U is Helping to Boost Women Employment in India

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When it comes to women's employment in India, there is a real concern. According to recent research, only 27% of women in India are employed, compared to the global average of 40%. Even in fields where they have a stronger presence, such as health and education, women earn less than males.

In this blog, we will look at the barriers affecting women's employment and how Gig4U is helping to boost women's employment in India.

What are the Barriers affecting Women's Employment in India?

Women have made their mark in every field in India today, from sports and education to business and politics. However, they continue to confront a variety of demands and challenges while looking for work and growing their careers.

According to one survey, female employment growth looks to be much higher than male total employment. However, as measured by labour force participation, the share of working women is low.

And the World Bank estimates that as a result of the pandemic, female labour participation in India dropped to 16.1%.

So how come this is the case?

What are the complexities that women in India face?

  • Women are mostly ignored in economic initiatives in most parts of India.
  • Women's cultural restraints are easing, but they are still not as free to participate in the official economy as men.
  • Occupational stress - caused by mental harassment, sexual harassment, lack of safety for working women when travelling, and lack of family support, limited maternity leaves, employment insecurity, workplace discrimination, and workplace adjustment, among other things.

Gig4U: Let’s talk about the Good Side!

There a plenty of evidence to suggest about it. The gap between men and women has narrowed as a result of the globalization and technological growth. Women are now active in a variety of fields, such as:

Air crews, physicians, leaders, and business owners, and the majority of women have adapted to working as independent contractors from home.

  • When it comes to freelancing, women earn 84 % more than males.
  • Modern technologies, which do not require physical strength but rather knowledge and training, can be used by women.
  • The customary idea that women were to bear children and care for the home while men were to provide for the family's fundamental needs has gone.

Gig4U – The Startup that is changing the Employment Scenario!

Women have been making progress in their life, striving to achieve goals and gaining financial independence. Gig4U supports the booming gig economy in India and incentivizes women to participate in it.

And Gig4U is India's first freelance marketplace with a strong female involvement. The most interesting aspect is that around 40% of the gig workers who have signed up with Gig4U are female. Isn't it fantastic?

Our goal is to empower Indian women and inspire young people of all genders to participate in the gig economy and thrive in their careers.

Studies that Reveal that Women can too!

According to a study conducted by the UNDP and FICCI with the cooperation of the Japanese government.

  • It was determined that around 57 % of businesses/firms agree that the gig economy will expand and boost women's employment. Because it is built on flexible temporary or freelance jobs that frequently involve engagement with clients or prospects via an internet platform.
  • Approximately 73% feel that re-skilling, particularly in the formal sector, will play an important role in creating the job for future. And 83 % believe that re-skilling will be essential in merging more women into the Indian workforce.
  • By 2025, the Indian freelance business is expected to expand to $20 to $30 billion.

Final Words!

Females out there, if you're polishing your capabilities, focusing on knowledge, and educating yourself, that's great. If not, it's an indication that you need to take the initiative and get yourself out of the nest.

To become a freelancer, independent contractor, or entrepreneur, no capital or investment is required. It only takes some dedicated time to learn and master the in-demand skills.

If women in India take full advantage of the digital era, re-skill themselves, and join the gig economy, it will eventually result in increased in women's employment in India.

As women are multi-taskers, we believe that skills can be learned and that any woman can begin her path in freelancing, regardless of whether she is a housewife, a single mother of two – three or four children.

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