In the fast-paced world of retail, the emergence of gig workers has sparked a transformative shift. As we stride into the latter half of 2023, the gig economy is projected to generate a staggering 700,000 gig jobs, presenting retailers with unprecedented opportunities to thrive amidst the bustling shopping landscape.

This article ventures into the practical implications of gig workers in the retail industry and delves deep into how they seamlessly integrate, contributing significantly to overall consumer satisfaction.

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Merchant onboarding is the process of bringing new merchants or sellers onto a platform, typically an online marketplace, e-commerce platform, or payment gateway. It involves the registration, verification, and approval of merchants to enable them to start selling their products or services on the platform.

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These days, gigs play a crucial role in labor-management in any industry. Gigs refer to engaging labor in non-traditional employment. They are temporary jobs that last for a small duration like short-term contracts and freelance work. This has shifted managing labor from permanent employment to project-specific short-term hiring. 

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