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About the Gig

The process of connecting a merchant account application to a payment processor's platform is called "merchant onboarding." For the specific UPI or other payment services to be used, the merchant onboarding executive must-visit retailers or merchants who might be interested.

Get paid on the successful completion of a gig or task.

Daily, weekly, or monthly payment processing—depending on the task evaluation parameter.

How to do the Task

  • Visit the retailers and onboard them on the Platform with the required valid documents.
  • Promote the app and explain how it will be helpful in their business.
  • Valid KYC documents must be verified and uploaded.
  • Install QR Code at the store (if applicable)

Eligibility Criteria:

Whether you're a complete rookie or have years of experience, feel free to apply for this merchant onboarding project.

The task involves visiting and networking with the retailers to get them to use your product.

  • You must have a smartphone and install an app, which you must then show to customers.
  • Having a two-wheeler can be advantageous because you can cover more ground. (It’s not necessary.)

Join the tech Boom

Industries with which you can join forces include:
  • UPI companies
  • Fintech companies
  • Banks

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The process of adding a new merchant to a payment processing system is called "merchant onboarding." Most of the time, this process involves telling merchants about the system, setting them up with an account, and making sure they can accept payments through the system.

Merchant onboarding is an important part of a payment processor's business because it lets the processor grow its network of merchants and increase the amount of money it processes.


Additional Income Source: You can take up gigs along with your regular jobs. If you have spare time outside your normal working hours or on weekends or holidays, you can choose the gigs/tasks as per your skills and location and earn an income.

Freedom: Gig workers don’t need to deal with a boss monitoring their every move. You’ll be able to do the task the way you please. The only thing you’re responsible for is the quality of your work and meeting the deadline. You may be required to join/participate in video calls with the Project Leader or Supervisor for training and a better understanding of the product and its features.


Merchant onboarding specialists are compensated based on the completion of gigs or tasks. The payments can either be a fixed amount or per sale, commission-based or target-based, or a combination of any parameter. The payment could be transferred daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the task evaluation parameters.


A merchant onboarding specialist's monthly earnings could range between INR 25000 and 30000.