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Apps have become an integral part of the digital industry. Every customer today carries a smartphone in their pockets, which has given rise to the convenience of Apps. Therefore, the need for app developers has increased manifold, with numerous applications dominating the digital market.

  • With 1.96 million apps in the Apple store and 2.87 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store, people mainly use apps more than 50 times per day.
  • Mobile applications generate billions of revenue every year.
  • Most people prefer mobile applications due to their easy accessibility, making them a safe bet for investment for all kinds of companies.

The statistics imply that professional application developers are vital for the success of your business in the present market scenario.

In this scenario, the best stop for boosting your business is to hire proficient app developers enlisted in Gig4U's talent database.

Gig4U connects with a number of skilled freelance app developers to choose from for your company by guaranteeing mastery over the technical aspect you need.

What to expect from Freelance App Developers?

Hiring proficient app developers can upgrade your company's digital approach and affect its growth enormously.
Android Applications Development
Android is one of the largest operating systems for mobile phones and is used by maximum users. Our enlisted android app developers excel in developing Android applications for your business that are user-centric and feature-rich.
Cloud Consultation
Experienced freelance cloud developers provide strategic cloud consultation to enterprises for planning, architecture, infrastructure, integration, optimization, delivery, support, and more.
iOS Application Development
Applications designed to work smoothly in the iOS operating system are made possible by specialist iOS developers. Gig4U's enlisted iOS app developers for hire can create extensive applications for iOS users.
Native Applications
Gig4U brings forth a directory of highly functional native application developers who are programmed to use the device-specific hardware and software and are built according to the guidelines of the user's OS.
Desktop Applications
You can also find and connect with skilled, certified, and excelled in desktop app development through Gig4U's vast developers' database.
Web Applications
Web application development becomes easier with expert app developers. Freelance app programmers develop highly functional web applications custom-made according to your needs.
Hybrid Applications
You're not limited to any development skill on our platform. We've also enabled hiring application designers who are experts in creating and developing hybrid applications with all the features necessary.

Benefits of Hiring App Developers through Gig4U?

Vastly Skilled & Vetted App Developers
At Gig4u, a vast database of developers possesses diverse technical skills and multiple years of experience. These freelancers undergo a vetted process before being a part of the database or even recommended for any project.
Robust Process
Mobile app development and desktop app designing are made easy with robust procedures to create scalable applications.
Result Driven
Highly skilled and experienced freelance app developers from Gig4U's database ensure impeccable results for every project based on their technical know-how and domain experience.
Secure and Reliable
All our freelance app developers are vetted, and background checked for reliability. Also, the platform is secure to connect with them. This includes no data loss and effective migration and data retrieval plans.

Steps to Hire Professionals at Gig4U


Sign up and register as a customer with relevant information along with business requirements.

Post your Requirement/Job

Post a clear and precise job description with attention to detail about the role and responsibility of the freelancer.

Find the professionals you need to hire!

Filter and hire from a pool of experienced professionals who can deliver the goods.



One should look for technical proficiency, experience, and domain know-how for any app developer you choose.


No. But the Gig4U team helps clients to hire the right freelance app developer for their needs. We assist the clients in hiring the right professional for the project but leave it up to individual discretion to anoint the project manager.


The approximate time to complete the project by freelance app developers depends entirely on your application's complexity and the features and requirements you wish to incorporate. The best idea for your project TAT can be confirmed by the freelancer you chose only.


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