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In recent years, the gaming business has grown at an unparalleled rate. According to data, the mobile gaming sector will have earned $180.3 billion in total, a 1.4% increase over the previous year, by the end of 2022. Statistics show that –

  • Games account for 21% of downloaded Android apps and 25% of iOS apps.
  • 43% of all smartphone users play mobile games.
  • In the first week after purchasing a phone, 62% of users install a game on it.
  • Over 2.2 billion people play games on their mobile devices regularly.
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What to Expect from Gig4U for hiring Game Developers?

Hiring Full-Cycle Game Developers
We have experience in hiring developers who are well-versed in delivering native and cross-platform projects from conception to completion for organizations worldwide.
Advanced Game Testing
To make sure that our team finds the core causes of issues, tests them, and then incorporates them into a continuous cycle, our development team collaborates on agile processes with our mobile game testing division and quality assurance teams.
Character Designs
Get many character designs for your game with dexterity from the hired developers sourced from the Gig4U database
Game Mechanism
Sort out the gaming mechanism for diverse kinds of games, ensuring the gaming procedure is aligned with top-notch standards and features.
Level Designs
Hire gaming developers who can develop levels for all kinds of games based on uniqueness, complexity, and depth in storytelling and puzzles.
Game Publishing/ Cross-Platform Publishing
Get your games published with the help of competent developers who will deploy the finished games and updates to the Play Store or the App Store.
Game Updates
Get your updates sorted from competent gaming developers who can tweak the levels and dispel bugs, making their game better than ever to play and win.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Game Developers through Gig4U:

Through our highly skilled team of developers, you get access to a world of gaming application benefits like no other. Here's to name a few:
Fast Scalability
Hire teams who are scalable enough. Gig4U always hires freelancers who can scale their efforts at different points in time.
Lower Infrastructure Cost
Eliminate or reduce infrastructure costs by outsourcing the hiring headaches to Gig4U to nail their positions.
Cultural Influence Inputs
Get influential cultural inputs from the residents of the country and learn the best approach for developing a game's aesthetics
Create a Team
Create a team of skilled game developers and keep track of every task through the Gig4U ecosystem.

Steps to Hire Professionals at Gig4U


Sign up and register as a customer with relevant information along with business requirements.

Post your Requirement/Job

Post a clear and precise job description with attention to detail about the role and responsibility of the freelancer.

Find the professionals you need to hire!

Filter and hire from a pool of experienced professionals who can deliver the goods.



Even though the developers build the gaming apps from the ground up, since you have hired them, the code and your new app are yours to keep.


Indeed, Gig4U makes use of flexible hiring practices to get our best resources available on hire on fixed, hourly, and milestone basis structures. It is advised to select one that satisfies the requirements depending on the type of the project.


Freelancers can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you to guarantee the confidentiality of your game idea and the effort that goes into it, helping your hired developers to meet requirements while also guaranteeing payments from your side through escrow once the project is done.


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