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Traditionally, human resource development is a crucial department in companies. Depending on the size of the organization, the team comprises a few managers handling various HR functions and employees under them.

However, with freelance HR and recruitment, the expectations are in line with remote recruitment, schedule management, remote onboarding, and screening. They are expected to handle HR functions remotely and are usually not expected to handle functions and events unless specifically hired for the same.

What will a Freelance HR Professional and Recruiter do for you?

Freelance HR professionals and recruiters work independently. Having spent a lot of years in the HR industry, they confidently handle every role of HR efficiently. Some of the key tasks a freelance HR Professional can do for the company are:

  • Recruitment: This is a core function they perform. They will first understand the demands of the vacant position. Most freelance HR and recruiters maintain their database of prospective employees. Additionally, they are adept at using all the latest tools like job boards, recruitment websites, social media, etc. Freelancers will also interview and shortlist candidates.
  • Smooth functioning of daily tasks: An HR department plays a vital role in an organization by taking care of some daily functions. These include maintaining employee records and reports. Compliance with the latest labor laws and regulations is another function. A freelance HR professional can singlehandedly perform all these functions efficiently.
  • Employee skill development: Constant training is required for updating and upgrading employee skills and performance. Freelance HR professionals have the resources to take care of employee development. This eliminates the need for an in-house training department as a freelancer can easily perform this role for the company.
  • Payroll handling: Freelance HR professionals handle salary and compensation of each employee, and whether the hirings have be on the payroll or through third-party companies. They structure compensation for employees and their final settlement on resignation and termination too.
  • Feedback and Grievance management:Freelance HR professionals are expected to handle any issues faced by employees during their appointment, tenure, or while exiting the company and expected to communicate rules and receive feedback from employees, as company representatives.
  • Provide professional advice: Modern competitive business environments demand a constant track of all market trends. Freelance HR professionals keep themselves updated with the latest trends, technological advancements, and labor laws. They also have much-needed experience in handling staff allocation across multiple projects. This makes them well-equipped to provide expert advice.

What are the benefits of hiring a Freelance HR professional and recruiter?

A company may choose to keep an HR Department and employ personnel to perform the various HR functions. These may not be day-to-day functions but salary must be paid regardless. Outsourcing an HR Company is a costly affair. Hiring freelance HR professionals and recruiters have its benefits.

  • Hiring a freelance HR is cost-efficient. Freelance HR professionals and recruiters are experts in their fields. They can easily multitask in various functions of HR. Moreover, they can be hired whenever the need arises. The benefit of hiring a freelance HR professional and saving money in the form of salaries for a team of HR professionals must not be ignored.
  • A freelance HR recruiter can save time. Recruitment is a time-consuming process. Finding the right person for a particular role can take weeks. A freelance HR recruiter can help in the initial screening and present the best for a final interview. What normally takes weeks is now a day’s work for you. The saved time can be spent on other core business functions.
  • Quality is a concern when it comes to HR functions. Competition is stiff for freelancers. Due to this, freelance HR professionals deliver a high standard of quality to their clients.
  • Competition is stiff for freelancers. Due to this, freelance HR professionals deliver a high standard of quality to their clients. Unlike employees, they do not work on fixed schedules. They are open to stretching their schedules when required. Even a sudden load of HR work can be efficiently handled by them.

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