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When it comes to Digital Marketing, a company's goal is to make sure that its content ranks high in search engines. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the means to achieve that goal. SEM helps companies to buy ad space on top of result pages through paid search engine advertising. Popular search engines auction these spaces to companies to enable them to rank high on search results. Top rankers grab the most attention, and the likelihood of click and view is considerably higher. SEM specialists have the necessary knowledge of how search engine rankings work. This enables them to place a website on top of paid search engine results.

What can an SEM specialist do for you?

SEM specialists have expertise in optimizing search engine results via organic as well as paid search marketing strategies. These include proficiency in using all digital marketing platforms and all their tools effectively. Some key functions they perform are:

  • Keyword research: This research allows them to position keywords to either target paid campaigns or organic ones. This allows the right placement of words to maximize rankings and viewership.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The SEM specialist is expected to utilize keywords and understand the traffic for each keyword to rank the content higher up in the search engines.
  • Content Optimization: The specialist needs to optimize content pieces that are readable, search-engine friendly, relevant, and include links to similar topics, enabling better ranking for their portal
  • Design, launch and manage paid search strategies: SEM specialists handle the entire process right from concept to implementation and management. They use all the latest tools available for the effective optimization of online advertisements.
  • Analysis of Campaigns:Analysis is an important function of SEM campaigns. This process measures the performance of the advertisements. Based on the analytics, changes are made to the ad design, copy, and keyword management to improve the campaign's overall performance.
  • Trends and Updates Management: SEM specialists need to assess market trends, competitors, their strengths, and the latest updates that could impact the business directly or indirectly.
  • Account management: The specialists can propose SEM strategies to diverse clients and handle specific accounts devising social media and search engine plans that suit their objectives.
  • Communications and teamwork: SEM specialists constantly communicate with clients and their marketing teams. They function as a team with the client's marketing experts to devise the best possible strategies that align with the client's objectives and goals.

What are the benefits of hiring freelance SEM specialists?

Search Engine Management can be done by employing SEM professionals. This involves paying a salary to that employee even when their services are not required. Hiring an SEM agency involves hefty fees. Hiring freelance SEM specialists come with some great benefits.

  • Cost effectiveness: Freelance SEM specialists can be hired on the project, hourly or milestone models basis. Hence, the payment will be only for the services rendered for the period.
  • Time efficiency: As a business person, your time is valuable. Getting involved in search engine marketing functions can take a major portion of your time and energy. Hiring a freelance SEM specialist is ideal to free your time to focus on your core business activities and goals.
  • Website Optimization: For a website to be efficient, there must be more clicks and views on search engines. This only happens when the website ranks among the first few sites in the search result. A freelance SEM specialist will efficiently optimize keywords to make sure that the website he is working on comes in the top few results.
  • Updated with the latest trends: The dynamics of SEM change constantly. A freelance SEM specialist keeps up with all the changing trends in the digital marketing environment. All the latest trends must be tracked and implemented on the website. This is an advantage one cannot afford to miss.

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