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Launching a user-friendly website is vital to create awareness of their products/services effectively. A website provide means of interaction and an effective medium for customers to order diverse products.

In order to develop an aesthetic website, you need an experienced 'web developer' to create and maintain websites in diverse forms – a one-pager, a scrolling website, an ecommerce portal, or even a media site that aggregates information. Irrespective of your web development needs, Gig4U has got you covered!

Explore Gig4U's freelance database of skilled vetted freelance web developers and website development experts in front-end, backend and full-stack development with a proven record to stand out among your competitors!

What will a freelance web developer do for you?

Freelance web developers need to perform the following functions.

  • Website creation: Freelance web developers are skilled to independently deliver the requirements of a modern website. These may or may not include competency in designing, copywriting, creating, testing, debugging, and SEO. They are essentially required to develop the website structure and the varied pages that are required by the client.
  • Responsive Development: Nowadays freelance web developers are expected to create responsive sites using HTML and CSS or other languages, and applications for the web compatible with multiple devices, including the desktop, mobile, and the tablet, helping them to render efficiently.
  • Website maintenance: Once a website is created and launched on a platform, it requires a different set of professionals to maintain it. Freelance web developers provide their services in website maintenance.
  • Constant reporting: Freelance web developers are expected to communicate on their work on a regular basis with clients on the development of specific modules and progress on the website.
  • Effective testing and Debugging: A freelance web developer needs to usually double up as a tester with no lapses in communication on the efficiency of their website. They need to understand the client’s brief and develop the website faster and better than before. Post-launch bugs are identified and fixed more efficiently.

How is it beneficial to hire freelance web developers?

Professionals with full-stack skills venture out as freelance web developers. With the backing of years of experience, they offer a host of benefits to the companies who hire them. Some of the benefits are:

  • Hiring them is a cost-effective option. Web development companies charge hefty fees. On the other hand, a freelance web developer can handle all aspects of the website at a much lower cost. There are no overheads as they work independently from their home.
  • Speed is critical in web development. Adhering to time schedules is challenging due to communication gaps among teams in a web development company. In contrast, a freelance web developer does all the functions. They get acquainted with the client’s requirements quickly. Hence, they tend to deliver deadlines faster.
  • Consistency is a key area a website must focus on while making changes. Inconsistency is a challenge with web development companies as the task may not be assigned to the original developer. Freelance web developers are consistent with original ideas while executing changes.
  • Freelance web developers are expected to deliver quality websites too. They cannot rely on a separate QA or testing team. They need to be conversant with all aspects of web development while incorporating quality checks and bug removal after every module development.

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Hiring freelancers from Gig4U is a simple. Visit our website and create an account. Access the ‘post your requirement’ section. Fill out a form listing your needs. You can then choose from a list of available freelancers.


The cost depends on the website created and its maintenance. It will also depend on expertise of the freelance web developer.


Freelance web developers are highly skilled professionals who can efficiently deliver web development projects on time.


Freelance web developers associated with Gig4U have at least 3 years of experience.


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