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As per 2022 Reports, there are ~850 million WordPress websites, and 15% include top websites like NBC, CNN, and NFL. WordPress's popularity has consistently increased over the years, and most companies prefer WordPress as CMS. Thus, WordPress developers are some of the most highly sought freelancers in the world!

Hiring a WordPress freelancer from Gig4U can free you from hassles of developing and maintaining a WordPress site and focus on other business priorities. Regardless of whether you are looking to develop a simple corporate website, blog, Q&A site, travel site, job listing site, portfolio site, social network, or an e-commerce store, these developers can help you fulfill requirements to the tee.

What will WordPress Developer Freelancers do for you?

It is vital to note that designing and building websites is a WordPress developer's primary responsibility. In addition to creating plug-ins and themes, WordPress developers work on front-end and back-end projects. A detailed view of tasks you can get done through WordPress developers:

Back-end development
Working as a WordPress developer requires working on the server as well as on the CMS, and governing how the sites operate. It also includes building databases and servers and working on content management and security features. A WordPress developer also writes code in many languages, including PHP and.NET.
Front-end development
A WordPress developer helps you design, create, and develop the website's front end. They insert information and complete the website layout using languages like Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Also, a developer frequently modifies the website to improve its appearance depending on user experience and feedback.
Assessing performance
Monitoring the performance of the live websites a developer builds is an essential part of their job. They make sure that websites rarely experience disruptions. They also keep an eye on various web apps to ensure websites are accessible, load quickly, and function as expected.
API Integration
WordPress developers registered on Gig4U database are adept in leveraging various third-party applications to append features to your WordPress website. Add payment gateways to the e-commerce store, or integrate shopping carts or an email marketing plugin, and much more. These developers can render WordPress API integration services to manage added functionalities within your WordPress website.
Training onsite developers
WordPress developers leverage the platform and modify its features to suit its clientele. This training can be hosted by taking help from consultants with website tours, WP-admin introductions, blog post guidance, etc. Gig4U hosts freelance WordPress developers who can show clients how to add material to their websites and manage website performance.

What are the benefits of hiring a freelance WordPress developer?

Since no one person can be an expert in all key business domains, a freelance WordPress expert can deliver the knowledge and experience you might need at that time. Besides, they have added advantages such as:
  • Hiring a WordPress freelancer will free up your time so you can concentrate on other essential business duties and create a profitable website.
  • You can come up with novel and original concepts for your website with the help of a freelance WordPress developer.
  • Hiring a WordPress development freelancer is the most cost-effective approach to building your site while leveraging the most significant WordPress plug-ins.
  • The in-house development team will not be overburdened, and you will have assistance with any forthcoming initiatives.

Steps to Hire Professionals at Gig4U


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Gig4U provides you with:
  • Core WordPress developer: These programmers primarily focus on the internal WordPress development software's back-end functions.
  • WordPress theme designer. They create customized WordPress themes.
  • WordPress Plugin developer. As their name implies, these programmers make original plug-ins.


Our top freelancers have an average experience of four to six years.


Gig4U freelancers assure quality work even on short notice. The platform connects competent and experienced WordPress developers for diverse clientele needs.


Businesses must go to the 'post your requirement 'tab on the website and fill out the required form. They can then checkout search results of relevant freelancers, screen and choose one based on their requirements and budget.


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