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Every Business Organization relies on technology to stay in the competition. It may be in the form of extensive use of cloud-based applications. They use apps like websites, CRM apps, e-commerce apps, etc. to attract and service customers. The disadvantage is that these work on different platforms. The Zoho platform eliminates this challenge. It is one platform that takes care of all app development needs.

Small and medium-sized companies are switching to Zoho due to its versatility. Hence there is a need to hire Zoho developer who can use the diverse capabilities of the platform to deliver apps that take care of every aspect of the business.

What will a Zoho developer do for you?

Zoho One is a cloud-based platform that integrates more than 40 applications. Each of these applications deals with different aspects of any business. The best part is each application is indigenously developed which keeps the cost of developing applications low. Here are some things that a good Zoho developer can do for you.

  • Build customized apps: An expert Zoho developer can use the versatile tools and applications integrated into the Zoho platform. Each app that is designed and built on the platform can be customized to the client’s distinct needs. The uniqueness of the app makes them stand apart from the regular apps of competitors.
  • Build responsive apps: One of the major challenges of app development is to create different versions for different devices like PC, laptops, mobile phones, and tabs. This is time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. This also leads to poor customer experience. A Zoho developer can build a responsive app using the Zoho platform allowing smooth usability across various devices without any issues.
  • Build server-free apps: The developer can design and create the app on the cloud. This eliminates the need for purchasing and maintaining expensive servers. This also eliminates the need to hire personnel to maintain and service the servers.
  • Add extensions to the app: After post-launch analytics, additions are identified to make the app better. These new additions or features may require starting from scratch. For a business, it is a loss of time, resources, and money. A Zoho developer can easily add features without having to start over.

What are the benefits of hiring a freelance Zoho developer?

Many companies are adopting the Zoho platform due to its unique advantages. This has created an increased need to hire freelance Zoho developers. There are some benefits of freelancers over employing full-time Zoho developers.

  • Cost efficiency is the primary factor. Freelancers work on a project-to-project basis. They can keep costs low as they do not have overheads like offices and staff. Once the app is built and deployed, freelancer services can be terminated till there is a need to hire again
  • Freelancers are flexible with schedules. They usually operate from their homes. They alter their schedules based on project requirements. This helps them deliver on time.
  • Freelancers keep themselves updated with all updates on the Zoho platform. This makes them more efficient to work on app development projects.
  • They have experience delivering various types of projects and resolving challenges. This gives an advantage in case of any issues or delays as the solutions are quick and effective.

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Freelance Zoho developers charge clients on the based on two factors. One is the number and complexity of the applications to be developed. The other factor is their own experience and expertise.


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You can hire freelancers to create any custom app in zoho such as custom relationship management (CRM) app, Human Resource (HR) app, Project management app, Inventory management app, accounting app, marketing automation app, and more.


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