When you acquire the deliverables from the service provider (aka freelancer), you can anticipate the following steps:

  • The service provider will include a claim, which essentially states that the project has been completed and the deliverables have been delivered to you.
  • As you receive the deliverables, determine if you are completely satisfied with the work or whether it requires any improvements.
  • If it has to be modified or reworked, contact your service provider and ask them to rework it or make the necessary modifications before finalizing it.
  • If you are completely pleased, you now must approve the service provider's claim.


When you approve the claim, the advance payment that you deposited in the ESCROW account at the beginning of the project will be transferred to the service provider's account. That is, you only need to approve the claim to make the payment, and the money will be released to the service provider automatically.


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