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Gig4U is one of a kind



There are a number of reasons to apply for a field job via Gig4U:
  • A convenient way to find and apply for field jobs.
  • Gig4U offers a variety of field job categories, so you can find the perfect job for you.
  • Offers competitive wages and benefits, such as setting your own price, setting your schedule and availability, etc.
  • Takes care of all the processes, from collaboration to reimbursement.
Finally, Gig4U is dedicated to matching gig workers with quality employers. This can serve as a stepping stone to getting your foot in the door of the field job market.


In the gig economy, workers are paid only when a job or gig is finished. Payments can be fixed, per sale, commission-based, target-based, quantity-based, quality-based, or any combination of the above. Payments could be transferred daily, weekly, or monthly, based on the conditions of the work evaluation.


There are many different kinds of gigs or tasks offered by companies including being a mystery shopper, working in field sales, generating leads, helping merchants get set up online, being a retail auditor, collecting and verifying documents, becoming a surveyor, and many others.