How can Freelancers Attract more Jobs Consistently?

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Freelancing has been around for a long time, but ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an astronomical rise in the total number of freelancers out there.

Freelancing has emerged as the solution for many as the workforce becomes more dispersed across industries. With every 1 in 3 people working in some form of freelancing, this “gig economy” or “freelance economy,” as it has been dubbed by experts, is revolutionizing the nature of freelance jobs in modern society.

Studies show that about 30% of all occupations are currently held by independent contractors and that the independent workforce alone generated $1.2 trillion in revenue over the last year. With almost 40% of the whole workforce now opting to quit their commercial jobs to start their own freelance business, the number is only going to grow.

A total career transition may come across as scary, despite the appeal of working independently being obvious. To launch a freelance career successfully and quit their full-time job for good, many aspiring independent professionals are stuck wondering one question – How?

Tips to stand out and attract better high-paying jobs in freelance:

Well, fret not because you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be sharing key tips for attracting the best freelance jobs and assignments.

Building a Perfect Portfolio

The first and most important step toward building a successful freelance career is to come up with an impressive portfolio. Your work history, projects, talents, general personality, and contact information are all included in your freelancing portfolio. It provides all the pertinent information about you and your business. Additionally, it’s a crucial tool for demonstrating how and why Scouters should choose to recruit your freelance services above all else. 

Here are a few key tricks to creating the best portfolio for your business: 

  1. Select your target audience

  2. Build your own website

  3. Include your pricing structure, and finally,

  4. Make sure to include Client testimonials and reviews.

Know Your Competition

One of the key human resources disruptors of the last ten years has been the growth of freelancing, which has had an impact on talent procurement across almost all industries.

It has never been simpler for people with expertise in information technology, design, marketing, accountancy, and legal services to enter the workforce as independent contractors because of the democratization of digital technologies. Yet with such opportunities comes its fair share of competition.

As mentioned previously, with a majority of the workforce now opting to start their freelance jobs, it’s crucial to understand your competition down to the very last detail. Studies show that a rise in competition is the most common issue freelancers face across the world, second only to irregular payments.  

Luckily in your favor, you have access to an infinite pool of opportunities. Through the internet’s randomization features, it is very easy to get around your competition. The only conditions are innovation and originality.

Build Your Network 

You should consider expanding your professional network especially if you’re a freelance worker. You ought to incorporate it into your professional life and make it the primary source of your assignments. You can never just expect to benefit from a friendship; you also need to be willing to reach out to others when they require assistance. Freelancing is not a task for the timid.

Building your network and leaning over your right connections over time not only strengthens relationships with your clients but also brings forth a whole world of new prospects.

It is also important to join numerous freelance networking committees. The word of mouth is vital to expanding your freelance business and not only significantly boosts your clientele interaction, but also cements your company’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner to work with.

It is incredibly effective to network in person. Take advantage of whatever opportunities you have to attend events or participate in professional networking activities. They are made to assist individuals in developing business partnerships that benefit both parties. Thus, significantly improving your networking program for your freelance business.

Therefore, knowing where to find freelance jobs and opportunities for your business is detrimental to its overall growth and success. 

Understand What You Are Worth

It is essential to carefully assess what your services are worth. You must have a detailed concept/idea as to what rate services similar to yours are going at. Are the services you provide better than theirs and thus are worth more? Or do you provide more than what the average freelancer does for roughly the same price?

These are a few questions every freelancer asks themselves when pricing their services. Clients will be attracted to those who can provide them with all of their requirements and more for a comparatively cheaper price. It is up to you to decide what your basic pricing structure is going to be and how you can adjust it based on the services requested.

Invest in Yourself and Your Innovation

It’s important to invest in your future career as a freelancer. Although you might be doing well and staying busy thanks to a steady stream of clients, you should never lose sight of how you could potentially improve and advance your business.

The best way to advance your freelance job is to push yourself to take on new types of work. In general, choosing a niche and concentrating on it can be a wonderful strategy for freelancers, allowing them to specialize in that area and establish themselves as an authority. Diversifying your skill set is always beneficial over specializing in just one niche. It's important to remember that a jack of all trades and a master of none, is still better than a master of one.

Find Your Own Unique Selling Point

Whether you’re a seasoned freelancing veteran or a newbie getting into the business, you must find your own Unique Selling Point or USP. You must know what services you specialize in and what makes you different/better than your competition. Multiple businesses around the world utilize the concept of USP when looking for job opportunities.

Another thing that you must always keep in mind irrespective of your freelance tasks, jobs, etc., is to make sure that you keep providing your clients with quality products regularly all on time. Losing time for deliverables could prove devastating for your freelance business. 

Have A Strong Digital Presence

In today’s modern times, it’s all about your online presence. The days of investing in billboards and flyers are long gone. A Google study showed that approximately 97% of all clients go online to look for all necessities including their freelance services. The availability of your services to potential customers is completely dependent on your online presence.

Listed below are a few ways you can have a strong digital presence:

1. Create a visually appealing website: The first and foremost step to promoting your online presence is to have your own website. Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn code to have your website. Nowadays, there are a variety of platforms that will make your own website for you, that will not only be aesthetically appealing but will also be made to fit your specifications. Thus, significantly improving your chances at potential clients.

2. Social Media Marketing: Another important aspect of building your digital presence is to be active on as many social media platforms as possible. Not only is it free to create, but you stand to gain a lot more client interaction than website traffic alone. With loyal customers sharing your business profile, you have access to potentially limitless advertising, that too all for free!

3. Be Personal: Getting more personal and intimate without clients helps strengthen bonds and makes for a great investment in your digital presence. By creating a simple YouTube Channel or a Podcast, you give your clients exclusive access to what happens behind the scenes. Thus, giving you somewhat much greater exposure to potential prospects.

 Highlight Positive Clientele Reviews

Your client testimonials play a key role in attracting probable clients. Positive customer reviews are something you should be proud of and flaunt. Looking at such a long list of detailed testimonials from satisfied customers will bring in a massive increase in client traffic. Thus, it is always recommended to make sure to highlight positive clientele reviews across all of your freelance platforms.

Finishing Up

In today’s world of rapid change and development, it is necessary for freelance workers to stay productive, ahead of the curve and stay in touch with the constant updates and changes in modern tech and services. Follow the points in our article religiously and you’re sure to witness a great change in your Freelance Business!

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