How to start freelancing in 2022?

How, when, where, what, who, why

Do you intend to start freelancing in 2022? Without a doubt, freelancing is a popular and profitable career option for many people all over the world. However, not all freelancers commence with the same approach.

Before you start freelancing, Read this!

Some of them started with a part-time work and work their way up to a full-time position. Others, on the other hand, started freelancing with a bang by landing a full-time contract right away. Well, luck also plays a role...

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity," as the saying goes.

You'll need patience and focus to get started with freelancing. Aside from that, before you begin freelancing, you will need to learn the ropes. In this post, we'll go through everything you need to get started freelancing.

Taking it Plunge and going it Alone

When did you first consider beginning a freelance business? Can freelancing assist you in establishing a long-term career? Is it worthwhile to take the risk of freelancing? I'm aware that these are some of the most often asked questions.

Many professional freelancers are optimistic about the future of freelancing. According to available data, the number of freelancers is expected to reach 90 million by 2028. Isn't that a huge number?

While the dispute continues, some believe that freelance gig economy is thriving, while others believe it is not sustainable in the long run. What are your thoughts?

The Statistics: Why should you Start Freelancing in 2022?

Well, let’s dig into the statistics and evaluate the truth —

According to available data, the freelancing industry contributed over $1 trillion USD to the US economy in 2019.

1. At the moment, India has over 15 million freelancers, which is considerably driving the expansion of the gig economy.

2. According to experts, the bulk of the workforce will be freelancers by 2027.

3. Almost half of all freelancers believe they will not return to a typical job structure.

4. With 78 percent year-on-year income growth, the United States is currently the top rising freelancing economy.

5. The global average freelancing hourly rate is $19.

6. 69 percent of freelancers earn more than 55 lakh rupees per year.

7. 60% of freelancers who formerly worked in typical 9–5 jobs now make more money.

8. 45 % of freelancers said they have more time to learn through participating in education and training than they did as office workers.

9. As the gig economy has grown in recent years, 66 percent of professional freelancers have learned new skills on a regular basis in order to stay current and competitive with their colleagues.

10. More than 80% of full-time freelancers think that their work-life balance allows them to live the life they want.

11. More than 40% of freelancers indicated that this lifestyle provides them with the freedom they require owing to personal circumstances.

12. Approximately 70% of freelancers said that their occupations are less stressful than regular 9-5 jobs.

13. More than 80% of freelancers indicated they are satisfied with their employment, and almost 64% said they have improved their health since leaving their 9–5 job.

14. Approximately 87 % of youngsters said they would want to work as a freelancer.

The most intriguing fact is that almost % of freelancers state that no amount of money can persuade them to return to typical 9-5 jobs.

There were more freelance statistics, but these are the most important freelancing statistics for the time being.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you want to try your hand at freelancing?

Getting started as Freelancer in 2022!

“You validate your ideas by pursuing them” – by Mel Robins.

So, you've decided to transform your pastime into your new career... or you want to achieve financial independence at a young age... or you want to quit your standard 9–5 work. "Freelancing" is the universal answer.

Kudos! Being an entrepreneur can bring about a slew of great and deep changes in your life. You can establish your own hours, work on projects that interest you, and choose your own pay.

So, before you start freelancing, there are a few things you should think about!

1. Are you geared to succeed?

2. Freelancing might be isolating at times, so ask yourself: Are you prepared to face any hurdles? If you are afraid of loneliness, freelancing is not for you!

3. Are you ready to establish a new routine and schedule?

4. Doubting oneself should never be an option.

5. Are you ready to acquire new abilities and learn how to plan ahead of time?

6. Always be prepared for rain checks.

7. Prepare to think outside the box!

8. Prepare to communicate, communicate, communicate.

The Steps to Successful Freelancing in 2022!

1. Learn a high-paying, in-demand freelance skill to get started with freelancing. If you already have such talents, fine-tune them and you're good to go. 

2. Learn to productize your services or market yourself.

3. Market yourself - use all social media tools to showcase your expertise to the audience.

4. Get some part-time work and start creating your portfolio.

5. Where can I find customers? There are a lot of clients available on online freelance marketplaces. Otherwise, if you're clever enough, you can use social media networks to find your first client.

6. Learn how to approach clients, pitch, and send proposals to potential clients.

7. Be self-assured and continue to expand your skill set.

8. Never undervalue your abilities, however, do some research on your skills before pricing your services. Take notice, for instance, exactly how much other freelancers charge for the same services.

9. If you're unsure about how to discover your first clients or where to find them, there are a multitude of resources available on the internet just waiting for you to devour them.

10. Maintain a positive relationship with your prior and current clients. Because these are the individuals who may become potential clients in the future.

11. When you obtain a contract, attempt to outperform and provide the finest service to the client. This will help you acquire favorable feedback from your client, which will naturally help you establish a solid portfolio, and there is also a chance of gaining referrals from the client.

12. Finally, look for ways to develop a long-term career through freelancing. What is your long-term career goal?

Make Sure you are up to Speed

Because the freelance economy is brimming with prospects, one must learn to stay updated, learn how to operate at full speed, and execute at the highest level at all times.

Why is this the case?

New innovations are being developed on a regular basis as technology advances. Never before has there been such a rapid development in technology. As a result, businesses and the freelancing market are continually changing technologies and techniques to handle business.

Employees are finding it difficult to stay up with the rapid changes in technology and the growing need for expertise. According to one survey, 70% of employees believed their technological abilities were significantly deficient.

So, in order to remain competitive as a freelancer, you must be aware of everything that is going on around you. Stay current by signing up for all new gig platforms, learning new skills, and, if necessary, becoming an expert in the growing array of technology, since these will help you stand out in a crowd and attract more clients.

Don't forget that your potential clients aren't interested in your academic qualifications, but rather in what you have to offer. They seek expertise and experience. So, are you prepared to enter the world of freelancing?

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