Tips for Freelance Networking: How to Develop your Profitable Network

As a freelancer, networking is highly essential if you wish to grow your brand. There are plenty of ways to network by putting yourself out there. But are they really effective? If you do not see your sales and profits increasing, then it is time to reconsider your networking strategies. This guide dives into the best ways to build a profitable freelancer network.

Importance of networking as a freelancer 

Making the most of your professional and personal relationships is the fundamental goal of networking to increase your new business flow. As a freelancer, old clients, and work may dry out sooner or later.

So, you will constantly have to be on the look for new clients and projects to complete. To do this, you need to network. People are invaluable assets; they can provide you with new work or refer you to people who can. Here are a few reasons why networking as a freelancer is important:

  1. New clients: Networking as a freelancer helps you score new clients, which results in more business, income, and profits.

  2. Inside leads: Networking leads to knowledge and generates leads, where you can learn and assist on a project before it is disclosed to the public.

  3. Building a professional relationship: Because most people want to conduct business with individuals they know and like, portfolios and cover letters are sometimes insufficient to persuade potential clients to engage you.

  4. Collaboration possibilities: Meeting other freelancers exposes you to new possibilities where you may collaborate with them or pitch for larger projects by acting as a team.

13 ways to build a profitable network as a freelancer

Be Genuine

Asking your network for a job is not what freelance networking entails. Don't exclusively concentrate on the type of jobs or projects you hope to secure through networking. Instead, concentrate on seeming sincere and paying attention to what other people have to say. This yields significantly better outcomes.

And always be careful not to oversell oneself. Talk to your contacts like you would someone you meet at a bar, but keep the discussion focused on your job. The most crucial quality prospective employers will remember when evaluating you for a job is your genuine love for your profession.

Build a Strategy

Growing your network should be viewed as an essential component of your profession.

So, refrain from dispersing business cards at random. Without a clearly defined plan, building a strong, professional network is impossible. Ask yourself what you are searching for in your network, the impression you want to create, your professional interests, and where you can meet the most interesting professionals. It will be easier for you to network once you know what you want.

Connect with other Freelancers

One of the most pervasive myths about networking professionally is that it is all about what your contacts can do for you. And even while that serves as one of the main goals of a professional network, it is not the only one. Help other freelancers along the way as you establish yourself, even if they are unable to assist you at the moment. By offering your aid and support right away, you build a network of individuals who will want to support you in the future.

Evaluate your social Circles 

While making new connections is and will always be important, do not ignore your social circles or those that are dear to you. In their hurry to develop new connections, people frequently overlook simple but crucial relationships and lose out on wonderful opportunities. There is no ideal location to build your network; all you need is sensitivity to know when it is appropriate to approach someone.

The internet is your playground

The influence that the internet has on our actions, whether personal or professional, cannot be denied. In order to strengthen your network, use the internet as your playground, and engage on social media, especially LinkedIn. Do keep your profile updated with the latest info about your work and include specific keywords that drive client traffic to your profile.

Facebook groups are also an excellent yet informal way to network with prospective clients and other freelancers. For instance, if you are a freelance developer, search for related groups and create new conversations or join existing ones.

Cultivate business Relationships

Your connections should be personal. Avoid reiterating clichés or focusing simply on the surface. Determine your shared interests with each individual you believe to be significant to your network.

Many people are curious about how to enhance networking since they believe that it is a tough chore that should only be undertaken by outgoing and well-known individuals. It is absolutely false, though. Everyone who has the motivation and skills to do so may build a strong network of business contacts.

Contact past clients 

If you performed multiple tasks for a certain client and had a strong professional relationship, they definitely enjoyed what you were doing. Why not get in touch with them and ask if they can refer any other prospective clients? You could also ask them if they have any projects in the future you could assist them with; do not hesitate!

Commit to your Schedule

Setting yourself up for success while networking begins with having the appropriate attitude. Decide right away that you will allocate a specific period of each day to forming contacts, whether online or in person. You know you must do it. After that, adhere to that routine and note what works and what needs to be changed.

Attend local Events and Trade Shows

Occasionally, a change of scenery may improve your networking prospects, so think about going to local events and trade exhibits both in person and online. By focusing on a certain industry, you might establish relationships with influential individuals who might be able to introduce you to clients. Even if you do not obtain a lot of new business, you'll learn more about that market and broaden your expertise.

Check out co-working Spaces

What better approach to discover fresh business prospects than to start working from a co-working space where other freelancers and clients may be present? You may exchange connections, leads, and recommendations for new clients by getting to know a variety of other independent freelancers from multiple industries!

Co-working facilities frequently host their own networking events. So, you may meet other freelancers and small companies looking to lease desk space. You can make your co-working environment a bit nicer by attending one of these events, and you never know when you could make a useful connection.

Always keep your business card handy

You might believe that business cards are obsolete, but that isn't always the case. It is true that a lot of your cards will likely wind up in a trash can or in a wallet where they will not be seen again, but it is a simple investment, nonetheless. Recollecting names can be tough sometimes. If you have a business card with relevant information about you and your business, it will come in handy for potential clients to contact you in the future.

Body language is important!

Many people simply pay attention to what they say to other people. We fail to recognize the significant influence our nonverbal behaviors have on how other people see us. Here are a few things you should know about body language:

  1. First impressions matter, so be careful to greet them with a sincere smile. A kind smile increases your likeability, and studies have shown that we recall those who smile at us.

  2. Turn to face the person you are speaking to. When you are uneasy, you could unconsciously move yourself so you can leave more quickly or point your feet in that direction. Talking to someone while not facing them demonstrates disrespect.

Always follow up

Do not forget to touch base occasionally with your contacts. Maintaining your network is important since freelance networking is all about developing relationships. Constantly find a justification to maintain a connection with your contacts. After all, if you have gone through the trouble of meeting new individuals, it would be foolish not to follow up with them.


You should invest time in networking by establishing connections with other independent contractors and potential clients. By honing your networking techniques, you can make the most of the contacts and forge lasting connections. It may end up being one of the most important aspects of your freelancing business in the long run.


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