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At the cusp of technological advancement, growth, and change, everything came crashing down to a halt. This is when pandemonium hit. After the advent of the COVID – 19 Pandemic in 2019, it seemed as if someone slammed the earth's manual restart button.

As we start to evolve, the calamity has brought about multiple changes that will take time to get accustomed to. Yet, this hasn't stopped multiple businesses and companies around the world from progressing and improving their marketing games.

Even if the market may be in a recovery phase, traditional businesses still need assistance to continue expanding, creating new items, and vying for new clients, which they can only get through a constant flow of clients willing and able to work with them.

Attracting potential clients may seem vanilla initially, but it can eventually prove to be a pretty difficult undertaking. Well, there's nothing to worry about because you've come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing certain proven tips to get clients to hire you as a gig worker (freelancer).

Curating a High-quality Profile

There is a vast untapped potential all around you; potential customers you know would profit from your freelance service. And the problems you're having have less to do with how great your solution is and more to do with how you can get to your potential base.

This is where the quality and updated profiles come into play. They can act as a link between you and potential customers. Creating a strong profile can convey your value offer and convince an enterprise or group to work with you. Thus, profiles always form an integral part of your marketing campaign.

Creating A Strong Portfolio

It's crucial to show and tell while trying to establish your professional worth. A portfolio that highlights your work will assist you in realizing your objectives, whether they are to draw in more clients, show potential employers what you are capable of, build your personal brand, or increase your online visibility.

Make sure to keep these points in mind when curating the ideal portfolio:

  1. Know your business thoroughly.

  2. Make navigating it simple.

  3. Bring forth a sense of intimacy.

  4. Keep everything simple and easy to comprehend.

Set Your Pricing Carefully 

Every market is essentially split into three groups or consumer types:

  1. Higher class

  2. Middle class

  3. Lower class

Each class has distinct perceptions and financial capacities. This is critical since competing on price with your rivals is like running a race without knowing where you're going to finish. Being at the very bottom of the competitive ladder by only competing on price is a surefire way to get there.

It is essential to select and come up with the pricing of your freelance services structure. This is so because customers frequently associate price with quality, and when the price is lower, they tend to believe that the quality is also lower.

Avoid doing the same action as your rivals if they decide to lower prices to attract more customers. Instead, take a different, opposing tack by differentiating your product to increase the value it has for customers.

You can adjust your prices to match those of your competitors by looking at what they charge for similar goods. Of course, you must be aware of the appropriate time and frequency for pricing adjustments. Additionally, you have the option of dynamic pricing, where a price is never fixed. Instead, it is always evolving to meet the market's shifting demands.

Once you've come up with a perfectly competitive price for your services, you should always be on edge and adjust yourself accordingly. Coming up with the perfect pricing structure is very complex on its own. Choosing a price too low will make your business go on a loss, but on the other hand, too costly a price is sure to ward clients away. Your proposal got rejected certainly because it did not strike the right balance!

Maintaining a Clear Flow of Communication

Relationships in the workplace depend heavily on communication. Freelancers need effective communication to build trust with customers and effectively express needs, expectations, and issues. Improved client interactions and the possible growth of the firm can both result from improved communication.

Maintaining such a smooth line of contact with clients makes communication easier and builds up a sense of intimacy and trust between the client and the freelancer. Clients like to stick with a professional they have known for years and not someone with a new proposal. A business's customers are more likely to promote it to others when there is open client communication because it reduces misconceptions, increases customer satisfaction, and reduces conflict greatly.

Listed below are 5 key points to keep in mind to help establish a better form of communication between you and your company:

  1. Respect your client's needs and wishes.

  2. Acknowledge your client's feedback.

  3. Identify and correct all errors and mistakes.

  4. Maintaining robust flexibility and adaptability

  5. Transparency between you and your client

Know Your Customer's Pain Points 

As a freelancer, establishing long-lasting client relationships by comprehending their journey is one of the finest strategies to increase brand reputation. The correct customer experience tactics may be implemented much more effectively if you understand how customers view your freelance service or business and how to alleviate customer pain points.

Marketing strategy is always impacted after learning about the customers' problems. To market their solutions effectively and successfully, professional freelancers need to comprehend these pain points. The sales team of a freelancing business can pinpoint these problems to customize their presentation and position the products as the ideal remedy. Overlooking it, though, maybe a rookie mistake, but it can prove to be devastating for your business.


Have Good Customer Service

Whenever you interact with your customers, you should make it a point to be as helpful as you can and provide them with their desirable solutions. This way, your customer is satisfied and trusts your services. Thus, significantly bolstering their chances of returning to your freelance services as loyal clients.

For most freelancers, flaunting their positive clientele reviews is a crucial growth strategy because it is one of the best ways to increase audience engagement, establish your freelance business brand's visibility, and boost sales.

Apart from this, if your business's customer service is good enough, they might even go as far as to leave behind positive reviews. This way, your name and reputation as a professional are restored, and the reviews also attract potential clients to hire your services in the future.

Adding Value to Your Skills

It benefits both you and your clients to add value to the goods and services offered by you. Increasing sales, expanding your clientele, offering them higher-quality items, being ready for unusual circumstances, and more are all examples of adding value to your freelance business.

Following are a few tips to keep in mind to add value to your freelance skills and services:

  1. Think from a customer's perspective: To get to know your business properly, you must first go through exactly what your clients have done. Then you must decide and choose to think completely from the point of view of a potential client.

  2. Be Original: It is also very important to be unique and original about all of your products. You must show your clients what makes you stand out from the crowd, even when you have no projects in hand.

  3. Fast, High-quality services:  Most importantly, you must provide your clients with the most valuable and important services out there. Your client must be satisfied with its quality. Finally, you must also deliver your product within a short, specified period.

Don't Be Timid When Asking for Referrals

A tried-and-true method of getting consistent freelance work is getting clients referred and creating a professional network.

Avoiding recommendations could result in passing up profitable opportunities since you can never leverage a professional network if you do not contribute yourself. One of the best techniques for getting or providing work is to enhance the pipeline by asking for references. It is advised to inquire shortly after a deal is completed. Make the most of the opportunity to introduce yourself when someone is offering a gig to you.

Your new clients are at their happiest during this time and are more inclined to recommend your freelance services to others. Additionally, your current clients can help you get referrals for a successful freelancing career. Make a list of the clients you have a good relationship with, who are devoted to your offerings, who share characteristics with other ideal clients, or who are more likely to recommend your service. Then, ask for recommendations without going overboard with your requests.

Winding Up

Do not worry if you are stuck the first time around. Even when you feel that you are unable to get some clients for your work, you need to keep trying. Focus on increasing your network and the quality of your offerings before you land your first gig. Freelance if you want a flexible workday, but at first, you will find it tough to get a good payday. It is essential to set your pricing accordingly and ask for referrals to find further work that will help you get hired.

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